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Customer info

We would like to please you to ensure about the item you like to buy before purchase if its really fits you and is in good condition.

If you cannot find this on your own, ask for help of a specialist or try to bring a sample with you.


In case of used parts:

  • The items we send out are marked and 3 days are given to mount and test it via a specialist.
  • In case of failure we are able to replace it until the stock runs out. We can provide a refund as well, but it needs to sign an agreement first befor the purchase.
  • Other fees like service, examination, delivery wont be refounded. If you find out that the purchased item is not the one you needed we wont buy it back. In this way we can write you a coupon (worths the same like your purchase) which is valid until your next purchase.

In case of used, but REGENERATED parts:

3-6 months of guarantee is applied (depends on the part type) for regenerated parts. The warranty is not valid in case of unordinary useage, mounting by a non professional, or inattention (i.e. using the gearbox with insufficient oil or without oil)!

In case of original new parts:

  • These parts have to be mounted by a specialist in a garage or service, and so 6 months of original guarantee is valid.


In case of orignal new parts:

  • It is necessary to prepay 50% of the desired part if we dont have it on stock, (65 euro and below we have to ask the whole amount prepayed!). A payment can be made in cash or by creditcard. We can arrange the order on payment arrival. The predicted arrival of the item is Thuesday or Thursday, depends on the payment’s arrival. We will let you know about the arrival via phone, and you can decide, whether you take the item personally or you need delivery. You can find the details of delivery under the Shipping menu.

Canceling orders, returns:

  • It is beyond our power to cancel orders that are already placed. (We can try, but success is not guaranteed). When our supplier cannot revise the placed order, it is considered as item return. The factory will send a bill about 20 or 40 percent of the ordered item plus shipping, depends on whether the item has been sent out from the main depot or from the factory. We wont take responsibility to pay that fee from the prepayment! We have to find out a solution for the remaining amount (since variuos outcomes available).
  • Returns spring from any other reasons will be judged individually by our supplier. Decisions can be: total refuse, partial refund, total refund.
  • Returns spring from customer’s fault (invalid data sharing) will not be refunded!

In case of aftermarket parts:

  • For ordering such aftermarket parts that are not on stock we need partial prepayment as well and those will arrive mostly on the same day or the next day.
  • Item returns will be only accepted if the packing is not damaged. In case of item fault, the dealer will decide whether they exchange the part or refound the value of it.


Item returns are only possible if you inform our collegues before doing so by phone or e-mail.

In case of original new parts which are below 50 euro value, neither refound or return available.

Those parts which were ordered for chassis number cannot be returned or canceled!

Accessories (like carpets, spoilers, alloy wheels, roof carriers etc..) cannot be returned or canceled!

10 calendar days provided to send back items, counted from the item’s take over. Same period will be applied for sending back exchange parts. The bail of exhange parts wont be able to refound after 10 calendar days.

When the manufactory accepts the retoure, it claims the 10-50% of the items value as handling fee. The handling fee is always determined by the manufactory.

Returns without reason effect us additional tasks and expenses. If you bring an item back to us and if it is not considered as guarantee problem or our fault and the part was on stock, we claim 10% but at least 5 euro handling fee , and only the remaining amount will be refunded. When the part was purchased through ordering, the return and refund mechanic is the same as written above.

Return of electric car parts is only accepted when its package has not been opened.

The part cannot be returned if:

  • it has been mounted or clue of installation can be seen,
  • the part or its package is tainted or damaged,
  • the package or the label is damaged or incomplete,
  • the part or item set is incomplete or disassembled


In case of buying such part that needs an exchange part, we have to charge you with extra fee (only if you cannot give us the exchange part right back), and we can refound you that extra fee when the exchange part has been sent back.

The extra fee will be refounded once the manufactory has confirmed it. This takes usually 1 month, but it can last for 2-3 months also in extreme situation.

If the part cannot match the requirements as exhange part (not orignial,broken, damaged), we cannot refound the extra fee to the consumer.

10 calendar days provided to send back items, counted from the item’s take over. Same period will be applied for sending back exchange parts. The bail of exhange parts wont be able to refound after 10 calendar days.

The exchange part requirements are:

  • The exchange part must be sent back in the original packing. The packing and the ID label cannot be damaged, incomplete.
  • It cannot contain external damage marks (i.e. crash signs). The exchange part can be declined because of disassemble damage, but the manufactory is the only one who can make decision.
  • It has to be cleaned and cannot contain any toxical matters (i.e. oil, grease, antifreeze).
  • It has to be in an assembled, complete condition, and must be perfectly the same as the new one.


These points of this customer’s information menu serve the good cooperation and tells the rights of both side in a deal. Thank you for your collaboration.

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