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About us

  • Our shop sells car and truck parts.
  • Our depo lies on 700 m2 territory, where we keep 65 types of VW and 43 types of Audi car parts, all together we count more then 150.000 parts on stock.
  • For these types we can supply any kind of car parts. Our aim is to stack as many parts on stock as possible, which we consider as the key of our success.
  • The used parts are always examined.
  • Possibility for uniqe used part orders.
  • The original parts can be supplied through the Hungarian or German wholesale stock as well, depends on the better price and delivery time.
  • By the selection of remanufactured parts, quality is the most important point, especially in case of the crucial parts like brake system, control units. These parts are supplied possibly on the same day as the order has been made.
  • Thanks to our modern computer storage system we can always provide up to date informations about availabilities.
  • We always fulfill the needs of our customers in the fastest and most precise way as we did before and keep on like this in the future as well.
  • Postal cash on delivery and courier service are both available. In this way our customers will get their goods as fast and easy as possible.
  • Majority of our customers comes regulary back to us which represents their satisfaction, which we thank with additional discounts and that means more saving.
  • We suggest to services, resellers, fleets and regular customers to get in touch with us more frequently for a bigger discount.!
  • Inquire prices via phone or e-mail; as they meet your requirements, contact us and we warmly welcome you as our new customer, partner.

We are grateful for having a look!
Hope we could keep up your interest.

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