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Clinking, knocking front or rear carriage. Why?

It can be the failure of the spring, bush, axle-shaft.

Is it possible that the front carriage is set well, and in a good condition, but still the car draws aside?

This problem can occur only to those cars which have rear carriage failures. At the inflexible rear bridged, leaf springed cars this problem means either the first part of the spring is broken or the corescrew in the leaf spring is broken.

Is it possbile that the car has two similar springs, although there is a difference height by both sides?

It can be possible, can be caused by:

  • one of the springs are broken,
  • the spring plate is broken, or it is placed in a different size at the side of the schock absorber, or the fixing point on the chassis deformed, or its broken because of corrosion.
  • either side of the car was damaged, and it was fixed incorrectly, so the fixing points are in a different position effects that the spring works weak, its performance is low.

Is it possible that the height of the car has risen because the shock absorbers has been changed to gas absorbers?

Yes, since these gas absorbers works in both directions with the help of the gas pressure. So the car can get higher.

Shall I replace both springs when its broken only on the either side?

It is not a must if you can find such a spring which is in a similar condition as the other one, but it is recommended to get out both springs and set them back in a similar height. Same happens to the leaf spring. If you forget to do the setting, it wont really effect the height different between the sides. Earlier servicing show that 3-8 mm height difference has arose, but this is not really crucial, since each car has a 2-5 mm difference between the sides.

What kind of brake pads shall I buy?

There is a huge variety of brake pads, and prices as well. Cheaper pads are almost the same as expensive ones during regular using. When the car is loaded or we have a sporty style on the roads it is recommended to buy at least medium value brakepads, because the cheaper pads can overheat, so the braking power will be weaker.

Is it better to buy used parts than regenerated?

Yes. When a car is withdrawn from the traffic it still has a lot of useful parts which are in a good working condition. These used parts are original actually, since they were assambled in the factory. So their quality are much higher than those which were regenerated in Hungary, since its hard to get such fixing parts which could help the reliable function.

Is it recommended to buy aftermarket parts into the car?

Yes, since these companies are sometimes the original suppliers of the factories, so these parts are tested in the same way as the original parts. The cheaper price is based on that the customer can buy the part without the help of the Dealership.

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