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Rent a Generator

aggregator-berles-budapestRent a generator in Budapest! Fee: 19,95€ + VAT / day

Place of pick up and hand down:
VW Audi Parts Shop – 65. Lakatos út, Budapest 1184
Tel: 06 20-9-329-477 or 06 1-291-4956

Mo-Th: 08:00 – 18:00
Fr: 08:00 – 17:00
Sa: 09:00 – 13:00

Technical paramteres of the generator:

Type: Honda TR-6E
Engine: Honda GX390
Performance: 13LE
Fuel tank: 6,5 liter
Oil: 1,1 liter
Electric performance: 1 phase 6kVA on 230V, 5,4kW
Frequency: 50Hz
Protection: IP23
Size: 70x50x50cm
Weight: 75kg
Noise level: < 95 dB(A)
Fee: 19,95€ + VAT / day (prepaid)
(More favorable prices in case of longer leasing)

Obligatory for generator renting:
– ID.
– Address card
– Deposit : 315€

This generator fits perfectly for places where there is no electricity during the work phase but the usage of electric tools and lights are needed. The machine provides 1 phasic energy on 230V voltage. Small sized, easily transportable. The generator unit is a high performance synchro generator which can deal with the power spikes. The unit is supplied with a four-stroke internal combustion engine.

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