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Rent a Trailer


Rent a motorbike-quad service trailer or a double axle car trailer from us!

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Technical parameters of the service trailer

– net weight: 490kg
– total gross weight: 1500kg
– fee: 35€ + VAT / day
– deposit: 315€
– We apply huge discount for multiple days rental!

External accessory
Water tank (1 pc)

Internal accessories
Mains charger – for the car trailer (1 pc)
Microwave (1 pc)
USB charger converter (1 pc)
Battery charger cable (1 pc)
Fire-extinguisher (1 pc)
Vice (1 pc)
Electric extension 10m (1 pc)

Technical parameters of the car trailer:

– net weight: 600kg.
– total gross weight: 2200kg.
– overrun brake
– Has manual winding-gear!
– Ropes and straps are not included.
– fee: 19,95€ + VAT / day
– deposit : 65€

Obligatory for trailer renting:
– ID
– address card
– deposit for service trailer: 315€
– deposit for car trailer: 65€

Place of Pick up and hand down: VW Audi Bontó – 1184 Budapest Lakatos út 65.
Phone: +36 20 932 9477 vagy +36 1 291 4956

Mo-Th: 08:00 – 18:00
Fr: 08:00 – 17:00
Sa: 09:00 – 13:00

Terms of use:

  1. A vehicle which cannot exceed 3500kg gross weight and cannot have more than 8 seats excluding the driver seat.
  2. A combination of vehicles including a vehicle mentioned in the point „a” and a light trailer which is no more than 750kg gross weight. This combination of vehicles cannot exceed the total gross weight of 4250kg.
  3. A combination of vehicles including a vehicle mentioned in the point „a” and a heavy trailer which exceeds the 750 kg gross weight, only if the gross weight of the trailer is no more than the net weight of the pulling vehicle. The total gross weight of this combination of vehicles cannot exceed 3500 kg.
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